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Now Available for In-person and Online Tutoring and College Planning Services





Light the Way Tutoring and College Planning helps today’s students develop and achieve their educational and pre-professional goals so they are better equipped to make a unique impact upon the world while following their dreams.


I am dedicated to working with you, your parent(s), and other educational mentors to help you become the best you can be.

As your tutor, I will help you to discover your learning style and thus how you learn most effectively. ​There are many different learning styles, and not all students learn the same way. You may be a visual, auditory, or hands-on learner. Once your learning style is determined, I will teach you proven methods to learn and to study that will work most beneficially for you. These strategies will help you succeed across all disciplines, including writing, research, reading for comprehension, and mathematics.

As your college planner, I will guide you throughout the college planning journey. I will show you how to research colleges, determine where to apply, prepare for the SAT or ACT, write an outstanding college essay, design a student resume, apply for scholarships, and more.

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How I Can Help You

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