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Private Tutoring

Lauren S.

I just wanted to recommend a wonderful tutor, Courtney Luna. She tutors most subjects, is extremely flexible, understanding, and nonjudgmental. And affordably priced! My son loves working with her and is learning so much! She tutors English and math and I'm guessing more! She's exploring topics with him that I know little about and has been presenting it all in a way that he really enjoys and understands!! My son is almost 12 but I believe she works with kids of all ages. You can reach out to her via Facebook or private message me and I'll connect you.

English Tutor

Greta C.

My son has dyslexia and school work has always been challenging for him. We were concerned about how he would manage the time pressures of the SAT, so we scheduled one-on-one instruction from Courtney each week. Our son connected really well with her, and they developed a wonderful working relationship that both encouraged him and provided him with the necessary accountability to succeed. We were delighted with his progress, his dedication to working with Courtney, and his SAT results.

English Tutor
Studying in a Coffee Shop

Alathea S.

Courtney has been a fantastic tutor for me. As a person, she's been a great friend, listening to my problems and offering advice or just an ear to complain to. As a tutor, she's helped my writing skills grow to a point that I can actually write on my own, without constant help from others. When I started meeting with her, I had a huge problem; I could never get the words onto the page, and when I could, they didn't flow in a way that made sense. She helped me learn the skills I needed to organize my thoughts, write proper drafts to keep me on track, and how to edit my writing into something cohesive. She has been a fantastic tutor and friend for me and I am very glad to have worked with her.

Ahmed S.

Courtney is a fantastic tutor dedicated to ensuring the best results through whatever strategy works best for your child. She's communicative and patient and effective in jumping scores in any test subject.

Happy Student
High School Tutor


Renee L.

Courtney was great with my son and helped him improve his math grade by 21 points! She was also flexible with time when we needed.

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