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College Courses

Do you need help passing your college classes?

Service Description

Are college classes challenging you to the point of frustration? The increased workload and comprehension ability that college requires compared to high school can leave some students overwhelmed. Not to mention, the deadlines are tighter and the projects more demanding! Not anymore! With Light the Way's college course tutoring, you will learn... • How to apply the knowledge you have accumulated in previous classes to take your course comprehension to the next level. • How to think like a college student (and your professor!) so you can understand the deeper meaning behind course content. • How to adjust your approach to class material to cater to your professor's expectations. • How to determine and use your personal learning style (visual, auditory, or hands-on) to its greatest advantage to understand course concepts. • How to better manage your time so that you can do well in the course and complete all required assignments.

Contact Details

  • Henrietta, NY, USA

  • Fairport, NY, USA

  • Penfield, NY, USA

  • Victor, NY, USA

  • Gates, NY, USA

  • Macedon, NY, USA

  • Pittsford, NY, USA

  • Brighton, NY, USA

  • Webster, NY, USA

  • Irondequoit, NY, USA

  • Rochester, NY, USA

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