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Successfully write papers, research, and analyze literature. Increase your grammar and vocab skills.

Service Description

Is writing essays a struggle for you? What about analyzing literature? Is researching a scary, confusing process for you? How confident are you in your outlining, revising, and proofreading abilities? Do you need help with grammar, vocabulary, or spelling? Whether you need help analyzing a piece of literature, researching and supporting an argument for your essay, or putting the pieces of the writing process together, Light the Way can help! With English tutoring, you will learn... • How to demystify the writing process and use it for ALL types of writing. • How to think critically and analyze texts perceptively. • How to research strategically. • How to revise and proofread effectively. • How to use the grammar skills you need to communicate clearly. • How to increase your vocabulary and spelling abilities. • How to determine and use your personal learning style (visual, auditory, or hands-on) to its greatest advantage to understand English concepts.

Contact Details

(585) 678-8005

Rochester, NY, USA

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