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AP/Dual Enrollment Courses

Understand higher-level educational material before you enroll in college.

Service Description

Are you taking AP or dual-enrollment courses to help your college application look more competitive? Maybe you are a strong student and want the extra challenge: one that's a step beyond Honors classes. Maybe you just love a certain subject and want to dive deeper into it. Or perhaps you are hoping to pass an AP exam so that you can earn college credit early and save time and money. Whatever the reason, Light the Way's AP and dual-enrollment course tutoring can help you excel in those classes so that you can achieve your goals! With AP and dual-enrollment course tutoring, you will learn... • How to apply the knowledge you have accumulated in previous classes to take your AP and dual enrollment course comprehension to the next level. • How to think like a college student so you can understand the deeper meaning behind course content. • How to determine and use your personal learning style (visual, auditory, or hands-on) to its greatest advantage to understand course concepts.

Contact Details

  • Henrietta, NY, USA

  • Fairport, NY, USA

  • Penfield, NY, USA

  • Victor, NY, USA

  • Gates, NY, USA

  • Macedon, NY, USA

  • Pittsford, NY, USA

  • Brighton, NY, USA

  • Webster, NY, USA

  • Irondequoit, NY, USA

  • Rochester, NY, USA

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