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CLEP and AP Exam Prep

Earn the college credit you deserve without sacrificing your wallet or time!

Service Description

Looking to get ahead on your college courses? Hoping that you can test out of certain classes that colleges require but that don't go towards your major--or just want to save some money while you earn your degree? Light the Way's CLEP and AP exam prep tutoring can help you do just that! Since the multiple-choice questions on CLEP and AP exams are standardized, each test follows a pattern that you can learn to earn a high score. A passing score will earn you college credit. Hooray for saving time and money! With CLEP and AP exam prep tutoring, you will learn... • Test-taking strategies to help you make the most of your time AND achieve your goal score. • How to decode what the test questions are actually asking and why. • How to harness your strengths (and even your weaknesses!) to help you reach your goal score. • How to effectively manage your allotted time. • How best to answer the essay writing portions of exams. • How to determine and use your personal learning style (visual, auditory, or hands-on) to its greatest advantage to understand exam concepts.

Contact Details

  • Henrietta, NY, USA

  • Fairport, NY, USA

  • Penfield, NY, USA

  • Victor, NY, USA

  • Gates, NY, USA

  • Macedon, NY, USA

  • Pittsford, NY, USA

  • Brighton, NY, USA

  • Webster, NY, USA

  • Irondequoit, NY, USA

  • Rochester, NY, USA

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