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Learn how the physical world works and why.

Service Description

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or why water either freezes, liquifies, or evaporates due to its temperature? How about how the circulatory system works or what makes up different kinds of rocks? Light the Way's science tutoring can explain these answers and more to you! With science tutoring, you will learn... • How and why different physical, biological, and chemical occurrences happen. • How scientific processes affect our everyday lives. • How we can harness scientific processes to better mankind. • How to determine and use your personal learning style (visual, auditory, or hands-on) to its greatest advantage to understand scientific concepts.

Contact Details

  • Henrietta, NY, USA

  • Fairport, NY, USA

  • Penfield, NY, USA

  • Victor, NY, USA

  • Gates, NY, USA

  • Macedon, NY, USA

  • Pittsford, NY, USA

  • Brighton, NY, USA

  • Webster, NY, USA

  • Irondequoit, NY, USA

  • Rochester, NY, USA

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