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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Trying to determine whether working with me would be a good fit for your child? Look no further! I am going to explain how I approach tutoring and college planning so you can make an informed decision.

Light the Way Tutoring and College Planning helps students develop and achieve their educational and pre-professional goals. My mission is to equip students with the tools to achieve the grades they need to earn a good education, pursue admission into the college of their choice, and ultimately work in the career field that would be the most fulfilling for them.

You may ask, how do you do this? In tutoring, it starts with our discovering how the student best learns information so they can study more effectively. During the first tutoring appointment, I give my students a learning style quiz. This helps us identify how much the student relies upon three different learning styles—visual, auditory, or hands-on—to take in information. We then review the descriptions of each learning style and discuss which methods of grasping information the student relates to and which they don’t. I also take a few minutes to get to know the student’s personal interests and extracurricular activities. With this information, I help my students develop a study plan. For example, if a student is a visual learner but has a hard time remembering certain historical events, I may have them draw colorful diagrams explaining what happened and why. Or if a student is an auditory learner, I’ll tell them to read assignments out loud and possibly record themselves explaining key concepts so they can listen to them again later. This helps students connect learning to their own strengths and interests. As a result, they understand information better and earn higher grades.

The beauty of reviewing learning styles and study methods with my students is that it enables them to bolster their learning in all classes—not just in the subject(s) I am tutoring them in! Often, the primary reason a student is not doing well in a particular subject is because he/she is trying to study in a way that does not work with how their brain processes information. It is so rewarding to see students’ understanding of a concept come alive because they are using a learning method that works for them!

In college planning, I assist students with applying to colleges that will help them obtain positions in their desired careers. We go through many fun self-discovery exercises to help students better understand their interests and strengths, the many academic majors available to them, and the types of college campuses they would like. I ask them several questions: What course of study would you like to pursue? Would you like an urban, suburban, or rural campus; a small or large study body; or a campus close to home or in a different state? I then use this information to compile a tentative college list, which I use to walk students through the college research process. I teach my students how to critically analyze how a college presents themselves so they can understand whether an institution’s values and goals match up with theirs. We adjust the list as needed, and eventually, submit their college applications together! This process gives students the motivation they need to succeed throughout their high school careers: from preparing for the SAT or ACT, to acing that AP class, to writing their college admissions essay. I also assist my college planning students with each of these steps and more.

My approach to tutoring and college planning has been incredibly successful. I have helped students who were failing classes not only consistently earn much higher grades but fall in love with subjects they previously disliked. I have also helped students who struggled to logically present and organize information write cohesive, persuasive essays. Several of my students have increased their SAT scores by 150+ points, and others have gained admission to such prestigious universities as Penn State, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Bucknell, and Pepperdine. The most rewarding part of all of this has been seeing students’ confidence soar while they take steps towards the lives they imagine.

Why not sign your child up with me for tutoring, college planning, or both, and see what a difference this work can make in their lives? Head to the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to schedule a time for us to discuss the next steps!

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